Basil is a

I bring a diverse set of skills and experiences to the table, with a background that includes roles such as Web Developer, Customer Care Representative, Technical Product Manager, and I.T Champion. My portfolio showcases some of the projects I have worked on over the past 5+ years in these roles.



I am a professional scrum master working in the technology sector, with interests in Product Management, Startups, Artificial Intelligence, Agriculture, Cyber Security, and Engineering.

A life-long learner experienced in customer and user research, product discovery, data and market analysis, backlog refinement, team management, process improvements, technical presentations, program delivery, operations management, system implementations, and value optimization.

A picture of an Apple keyboard, a Mac computer, an iPad and a mouse.


Brilliantly handling projects from concise conceptualization to post launch maintenance and iterations.

Product Study for Incognito

Product management

Case Study for LinkedIn

Product discovery and development

Case Study for

Feature implementation experiment

Case Study for SaaSafras

Run Rate Operational Strategy

LL Sprint Backlog

User story prioritization


Detailed fluid PRD

LL Product Vision

Qualitative market analysis

LL Design Sprint

Sprint focus and prototyping

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I underestimated the effect of a minimal yet functionally crafted User Interface.
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